About Kach Transportation, Inc.

Kach Transportation was founded in 1987 on the principal of providing the best service at a reasonable rate. Celebrating over twenty years of intermodal excellence.

It’s not just about moving the load. Accurate and timely communication is extremely important in this business. Kach knows how important it is to keep your customer involved. After the fact charges never go over well.

Kach has over eighty years of combined intermodal experience in dispatch. Our dispatchers have extensive training in intermodal, over the road, warehousing, transloading and even driving. All Kach Transportation dispatchers were once drivers. There is no replacing the experience of actually driving. A dispatcher can’t ask any driver to do something they haven’t done themselves.

Kach services rail ramps in Lathrop and Stockton California. With our corporate office and twenty six acre rail transloading facility in Fresno, we are able to pool our power to the north or to the south to accommodate the peaks and valleys of the intermodal business. Dispatch is located in our corporate headquarters in Fresno giving our customers a single point of contact.

Although we’re all in the same business, every shipper, receiver and IMC have their own specific needs.

Kach dispatchers will exhaust every effort to reload equipment with the same IMC before street turning to another IMC.

Our on time record is impeccable and ranks well above industry standards.

Kach Transportation strives to be the leader in the California intermodal industry.